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3 Fun Summer Kids Party Themes You Haven’t Thought About

Summer is perfect opportunity to have some backyard fun and create lasting memories. The weather is most ideal for hosting an outdoor party and the possibilities are endless when choosing a party theme.

At first thought, you may want to make a splash with a Mermaid or Shark theme especially if you have a pool. But if you love the natural beauty of the of the outdoors then here are 3 themes you probably haven‘t thought about.

Garden Party

If your little one is into flowers and learning about how things grow then a Garden Party is a perfect theme for a summer baby.

For this theme, I used bright yellows for emphasis on sunshine and lots of greens throughout to create a natural garden atmosphere. My design for the kids table featured moss placemats topped with flower shaped plates; leaf shaped napkins and the most adorable stainless steel shovel spoons. Kids will literally have an amazing time “digging” into their food!

I used a bright yellow watering can as the centerpiece for the table but it also doubled as a pitcher that served lemon iced tea. Just imagine how cool it was to pour it out of the watering can in a rain shower-like manner into these super cute terra-cotta flower pot mugs (which might go down as one of my most favorite finds)!

For some added details, you can garnish your mugs with some fun themed goodies like squishy gummy worms or even butterfly swirly straws like I used. You can also scatter a few decorative butterflies on the table along with a few wooden twig crayons for arts and crafts.

The main focal point at this party was the treat display garden swing! Butterflies adorned the swings that held cupcakes with squishy gummy worms and chocolate covered strawberry carrots in crushed Oreo dirt.

The perfect favor for this garden party was a garden starter bag which was filled with kid sized garden gloves, an apron, a watering can, a shovel, a rake and flower seeds.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Party

Keeping in the garden, my design concept for this theme was to create an intimate enchanted garden with a life size balloon tree as the focal point. I ditched the dessert table and instead I hung glass orbs in alternating heights to display mini cupcakes that would appear as if they were falling dew drops above the seating area slightly over the heads of each little guest.

I customized gold plates by embellishing them with gold garden gates which were slightly opened to expose the assorted floral patterned dessert plates. I added little gold keys to the forks so that each guest could use their imagination and unlock there own enchanted garden at their place setting. In the center of the place setting I added custom fairy embellishments with 3D butterflies to welcome each guest to the enchanted fairy garden.

Hydrangeas and bright colored garden roses not only gave the look of an enchanted garden but they also gave the table top a fresh floral garden scent as well. Satin emerald green napkins gave a perfect grassy green look when paired with the round wooden barrel tables and ratan bow chairs.

Each little one took home fairy dust and other trinkets to create their own enchanted garden inside of there custom “enchanting” gable boxes.

Camp Party

If your little one loves the great outdoors and lives for adventure then a camp party is the perfect summer theme. You can take this theme all the way by setting up individual teepee tents and sleeping bags in your backyard for each little guest. If you happen to have a fire pit, incorporate it into the theme by setting up a s’mores station next to it for roasting marshmallows!

My design for this theme was centered around the rustic picnic tables. I used colors that would compliment the wood in the tables to design my tablescape. I found these cool assorted camping signs and used them as placemats. I topped them with cute little hexagon shaped dinner camping plates and adorable bear shaped dessert plates. The authentic enamel camping mugs helped to complete the design.

I had so much fun creating this dessert station. I used some miniature camping figurines as decor throughout the table. I placed bears, camp fires, tents and lanterns between the desserts. Just grabbing a cupcake was an adventure in itself!

Each place setting had pre-wrapped s’mores pops along with little note books, maps and compasses to document the adventure.

I hope you enjoyed exploring these 3 outdoorsy themes that are perfect for kids parties during the summer months! Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts or if you tried any of these ideas for your own party.

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