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3 Things You Should Do If You Are A Bride In 2022

Calling all 2022 brides! If you are walking down the aisle in 2022, here are three things you should know.

1. Mail Out Your Wedding Invitations Sooner Rather Than Later

Traditionally you should mail out your wedding invitations 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding date. However, I suggest you start mailing out your invitations even sooner. With COVID uncertainties and the rising outbreaks of a new strain, you should ensure that your guests have enough time to take off of work to schedule appointments for COVID testing and booster shots. This will be very helpful for your out of town guests. They will appreciate you giving them adequate time to make safe travel plans. This is not only a considerate gesture but it will also help to ensure the overall safety of your guests while celebrating your special day.

2. Book Your Wedding Vendors Well In Advance

If you aren't already aware, there is a major labor and supply shortage in the event industry. From shortage in staff, low inventory of event décor and even low supply in florals. Not to mention, 2022 is projected to have the highest number of weddings in decades. That said, some of the vendors you might have researched and are considering, might not even have availability for your wedding date if you haven't already started booking your vendors. I strongly suggest you contact, schedule a consultation and retain your vendors for your 2022 wedding as soon as possible. Your goal at this point is to narrow down your vendor choices, create a list of your favorites and secure them for your special day.

3. Create Two Separate Guest Lists

The recent spike in COVID cases are sure to create anxiety if you are a 2022 bride. You are probably already wondering if your date will have to be postponed or if your venue will change the restrictions on the amount of guests that are allowed to gather inside of their facility. Whatever the outcome is, you should be prepared. Check with your venue to confirm the current total number of guests allowed for an inside event. Also find out the total number of guests your venue allowed during your city/state COVID mandated indoor gathering restrictions. Once you have both numbers, create two guest lists. The first list would be your ideal guest list with the names of all of the intended friends and family you plan on inviting to your wedding if COVID does not interfere with your plans. Your second list should have the names of family and friends you definitely need to have at your wedding. The second list is the list of people you will mail your Save the Dates. This is your condensed list in the event you need to adhere to COVID restrictions. As your wedding date gets closer you will have a better idea of were you stand as it relates to COVID-19. If things are in the clear then you can add more people from your ideal list to mail your actual wedding invitations. After all, if you follow my first tip then you will have more than enough time to give your guests a proper heads up about your big day!

I hope my above tips were helpful to you as you plan your upcoming wedding while navigating through a few uncertainties for 2022. Being a bride before COVID was stressful enough so I wrote these tips to alleviate some of your worries so you can get back to focusing on the what I like to call the fun stuff. Like your reception tablescape and overall décor!

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