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Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

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Meet Nadia Lewis, Your Visionary Event Architect. 

Your dream events come to life through the expertise and passion of our founder, Nadia Lewis. With years of experience in luxury event planning, design, and floral artistry, Nadia is the creative force behind our brand, dedicated to crafting extraordinary moments for you.

With more than a decade of experience in the dynamic world of event planning, Nadia brings a wealth of expertise to both large and intimate gatherings. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) in Marketing Management and Corporate Communications from Bernard M. Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business. In addition to her academic achievements, Nadia is a Certified Professional in Wedding & Event Planning and Design, having received her certification from the esteemed LWPI (Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute).

Nadia's reputation as a Certified Professional and Published Wedding & Event Planner and Designer precedes her. She is celebrated for her innovative design concepts, meticulous attention to detail, and her flawless execution of event days. Her impressive background in corporate and live events equips her with the expertise needed to manage substantial budgets and orchestrate the multifaceted aspects of large-scale events.

During her tenure at Rehage Entertainment in New York City, Nadia served as a valuable asset. There, she collaborated closely with the Marketing Director and Live Events Production Manager, contributing to the success of renowned events such as the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans and the Revlon Run Walk for Women in Times Square, among others.

Nadia has always had a passion for excellence. Her journey into the world of event planning and design began with a deep-seated passion for creativity and aesthetics. She honed her skills and developed a keen eye for detail from an early age. Her love for styling and designing events, paired with her innate talent for transforming spaces, naturally led her to pursue a career in the event industry.

Nadia's mission is clear: to turn your dreams into reality. Her commitment to excellence, creativity, and personalized service is the driving force behind every event she undertakes. She believes that every celebration is a unique canvas waiting to be painted with your vision. Her approach to event planning and design is visionary. She curates every detail, from lighting and décor to florals and furnishings, to create an atmosphere that tells your story. Nadia's unique ability to blend themes, color palettes, and meticulous details ensures that your event is a reflection of your style and personality.

With a goal to make Nadia Lewis Celebrations a household name, Nadia's dedication to her craft and clients is unwavering. Her portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing a wide range of events from lavish weddings to corporate galas and intimate social gatherings. Nadia's expertise goes beyond planning and design. She's a trusted advisor, a visionary artist, and a dedicated professional. When you choose Nadia Lewis Celebrations, you're not just hiring an event planner—you're partnering with a creative visionary who will bring your dreams to life.

The architect of your unforgettable moments.

Your vision, her expertise, a masterpiece in the making.

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