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5 Balloon Trends To Elevate Your Wedding Design

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Remember when balloons were only thought about for kids parties? People would clutch their pearls at the mere mention of balloons at an adult event let alone a sophisticated affair. My how things have changed in the last few years and how more and more we’ve accepted balloon installations at the finest of events.

Photo Credit: POParazzi Balloons

As balloons continue to take flight, allow me share with you some 2022 wedding trends that are sure to take your special day to soaring heights.

Bridal Suite Balloon Installations

Having a balloon installation in your bridal suite is a fun way to celebrate the earliest hours of your special day. It sets the tone for the day’s festivities.

Photo Credit: POParazzi Balloons

Photo Area Installations

Wedding photo booths are always a fun way to engage your guests. They help to create lasting memories that serve as mementoes. Adding a balloon installation as a backdrop to your photo area makes the atmosphere more playful and fun so that the overall experience is that much more inviting.

Photo Credit: Whats Poppin Balloon Decor

Entrance Installations

You want your guests to know that your reception is where the party’s at. So let them know this from the moment they arrive. A great way to implement this is with an over the top balloon entrance installation.

Photo Credit: Whats Poppin Balloon Decor & POParazzi Balloons

Dramatic Reception Ceiling Installations

Wow your guests with a dramatic ceiling Installation that’s placed right over your dance floor. If that doesn’t say, “let’s party,” then I don’t know what will!

Photo Credit: Whats Poppin Balloon Decor

Installations to Elevate your Wedding Cake

Sometimes a wedding cake can get a little lonely all by itself. So take your wedding cake to the next level with an incredible balloon installation as a backdrop.

Photo Credit: Aimebby

Hopefully you’re not still on the fence about adding balloons to your special day. The above trends are just some of a few ideas to help you reconsider balloons as viable wedding decor option.

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