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5 Signature Cocktail Trends To Wow Your Guests

Everyone knows that any good party starts with a great cocktail. The more the bartender pours, the more fun the party usually gets. So since we have established that the bar is already where the party is at, then let’s raise the bar a little with these 5 signature cocktail trends.

Picture Perfect Cocktails

Cocktails with edible pictures are trending right now. It’s a perfect way to personalize your cocktails with an engagement portrait or to add your names and the date of your big day. You can even take it a step further by capturing on the spot photos of your guests that can immediately be printed and added to their cocktails In real time. Talk about a wow factor!

Shaving the Ice

Cocktails and ice go hand in hand. But who says your ice cubes have to be basic? Take your bar experience up a notch with “extra” ice. No I don’t mean go out and get more ice, I mean take your ice cubes to the next level. Engrave your ice cubes with shapes, logos, monograms, initials or even add some color to your ice cubes with edible flowers. How’s that for extra!

Edible Flowers

Speaking of edible flowers, adding some flowers as garnishes to your signature cocktails are a great way to add color to an otherwise ordinary drink. They turn a simple drink into something fancy and elegant. They can be fresh, dried or pressed edible flowers.

Pretty Sweet Details

How sweet it is! I love a cocktail with sugary and tasty garnishes. But don’t just stop at a simple sugared rim, take it even further with a sweet detailed display that you can pour your favorite champagne over.

Themed Details

A theme can take an event experience to elevated heights. So don’t stop at the decor when it comes to your theme, match your cocktails to it as well. It will compliment your overall design. The below color scheme is based on Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri. This is an example of using a specific color as the basis of your theme to create a tablescape design that drives the color palette of your signature cocktail.

Are you as obsessed with these trend as I am? Cheers to whichever signature cocktail trend you choose to add to your special day. Either option is bound to be a showstopper and will ultimately wow your guests!

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