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5 Wedding Trends for 2022

Every year we see new trends come and go but since the pandemic there are quite a few trends that came out of necessity that may just be here to stay. There are other a few other trends that surfaced right before the pandemic that are certainly making a comeback now that events are back in full swing.

1. Weekday Weddings Weekday weddings became more acceptable as an aftermath of the pandemic. While venues were bursting at the seems with new wedding dates and the rescheduling of postponed dates, couples had no other choice than to schedule their weddings on weekdays in order to celebrate now rather than holding off until later. This trend does have its perks since weekend wedding dates have always been premium time slots and cost more than weekday dates. Now you can confidently book your wedding on a weekday and save on your cost per person.

2. Micro Weddings Micro weddings were born out of the pandemic. They really weren’t by choice but instead they came out of necessity. Since venues were mandated to only allow certain indoor guest counts, couples had no choice but to significantly trim their guest list down to accommodate. Now that venues are back to full capacity some couples are still loving the idea of smaller or “micro” weddings. However, don’t judge a book by its cover because although these weddings are smaller in size they pack the same big punch with all of the detailed glitz, glamour and elegance of a larger wedding but are simply carried out with a smaller guest list instead.

3. Custom Floor Wraps Just before 2020, custom floor wraps made their big debut. They were everywhere, especially on the dance floor. They made it easy to add personality to your wedding in a major way. By customizing your dance floor you instantly dress up what would have been a blank area in your wedding design. Now you can make it a part of your theme/color scheme or brand it with your initials or a custom monogram. However you choose to style it you are guaranteed not only to make a statement but it will let your guests know that you are ready to get the party started!

4. Bold Colors Remember when weddings were only white and if you had any color at all it was either pale or pastel colors. We’ve come a long way since then. Over the years I’ve seen color totally dominate the wedding scene. And this year is no different. I am so excited to see more bold jewel tones and vibrant colors going down the aisle this year. I am especially excited to see how couples incorporate Pantone’s color of year, “Very Peri”, into their big day. It’s a bold and fun lavender meets periwinkle shade with soft blue undertones that if styled correctly can be the perfect pop of color for your special day.

5. Individual Servings This might be by far one of my most favorite trends for 2022. I am totally here for individual mini cakes in lieu of a full sized wedding cake. I’m also obsessed with mini charcuterie boards for each guests as opposed to a full spread and grazing station during cocktail hour. Especially with COVID-19 still lurking in the background, individual servings are a far more sanitary solution for food stations that require a safer approach in times like these.

Now that you are equipped with these trends which one, if not all, will you include on your big day?

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