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Choosing Your Wedding Day Florals

There are so many factors that can help you choose your wedding day florals. I’m pretty sure you may already have a favorite flower that you might want to include in your special day. However, it is important to know how that particular flower pans out based on common deciding factors. Here are five of the suggested factors I use when consulting with my brides for floral design.

The Season

Consider using flowers that are in season around the date of your wedding. They will be less expensive and fresher since your florist/floral designer will not have to ship them in from elsewhere due to the specific time of year.

Time Of Day

The time of day for your wedding can also help you decide the colors of your flowers. If you are having an evening or night wedding choose bright or white colors that will stand out when paired with candlelights.

The Formality

If you are having a very formal wedding you’ll want to choose flowers that compliment the formality of your overall decor. Traditional white flowers are perfect for very formal weddings.

The Colors of Your Linens and Fabrics

Choose flowers that will compliment the colors of your table linens and as well as the colors of your bridal party attire.

The Venue Esthetic

If your venue has tall dramatic ceilings you’ll want to use longer stemmed flowers or taller floral arrangements so that your floral decor does not get lost in the space.

I hope the above five tips were helpful. Hopefully you’re now a step closer to deciding the types, colors and sizes of your wedding day flowers.

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