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Engagement Season: The Most Popular Time to Pop The Question

Did you know around the holidays are the most popular time of the year for engagements? It’s generally anywhere from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day. Hence the term “Engagement Season”.

Don’t believe me, I’m pretty sure while you’re scrolling through social media between the months of November to February you’ll see tons of “She Said Yes” or “He Put A Ring On It” posts and hashtags. You’ll probably say to yourself, “What’s going on, why is everyone I know just suddenly getting engaged?” This time of year is known in the Wedding Industry as Engagement Season.

Think about, it’s actually the perfect time to pop the question since you’re most like already gathered with family and close friends and it makes it easy for them to be a part of such a special milestone in your life.

Ready to propose to your special someone? Here are some dates to think about:

Thanksgiving - When saying what you are thankful for is perfect opportunity to lead into telling your significant other what he/she means to you.

Christmas Eve - Some households have the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak your significant other a little box that will change their lives forever.

Christmas Day - On bended knee in front of the Christmas tree is quite the photo opportunity if you are sentimental and plan on enlisting a photographer to capture the moment.

New Year’s Eve - While your significant other is focused on counting down for the ball drop, quickly get on your knee as the clock strikes midnight!

New Year’s Day - How romantic would it be to know that you were a major part of your significant other’s New Year Resolution. The idea of popping the question on New Year’s Day symbolizes that your partner decided that you are a key factor that he/she could not imagine being without in the New Year.

Valentines Day - The international day of love! Need I say more? One of the most popular engagement dates in history.

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