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Setting the Tone: Wedding Invitation Edition

Your wedding invitation should set the tone for your big day. It’s the prelude of what’s to come. So it should give your guests a heads up on the formality of the event and create anticipation for your celebration.

Personally, when I receive an invitation of any kind I instantly get excited. One, because I have a celebration to attend and two, because I’m delighted to have made your guest list! That excitement paired with the packaging and presentation of the invitation are generally what makes me want to RSVP immediately.

Let’s talk about how your wedding invitations can help you set the tone for your big day.

Introduce Your Theme

If you’re ceremony and reception design is driven by a theme you’ll want to ensure that your invitations do a good job at conveying that. Think of your invitation as the teaser or trailer for the main event. Just like your Save the Date is the opener for your invitation as a headliner.

Example of an Enchanted Garden Theme:

From invitation to actual wedding design

Introduce Your Color Scheme

Your invitations are a great way to introduce your guests to the color palette for your wedding. You can add subtle hints with touches or pops of your color scheme throughout your invitation design.

Example of a Black & White Color Scheme:

From invitation to actual wedding design

Introduce Your Dress Code

Decide on the feeling you want to evoke when your guests receive your invitation. If you want it to be known that your wedding will be an extremely formal affair, then your invitation should look and feel that way. You will want to create a luxury look by choosing heavy and textured card stock paper for your invitations. You can also use lined envelopes along with foil or embossed details. Or ditch the envelopes all together and create an experience with a velvet lined box or case. If that doesn’t alert your guests that they should be dressed to attend a “Met Gala” then I don’t know what will.

Example of introducing formality:

From textured invitations to actual design and dress code

Remember the idea is to use your invitations to set the tone for your wedding day. Transfer the same branded details from your invitations into your other aspects of your wedding day stationery like your menus and other signage to keep your overall design cohesive.

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