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Wedding Stationery: It’s More Than Your Invitations

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

When you think about wedding stationery the first and sometimes only thing that might come to mind are your wedding invitations. But the truth of the matter is there are so many layers to your wedding stationery that you may forget to account for in your wedding budget. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Save the Dates

Save the Dates are the first part of your wedding stationery. Once you’ve announced you’re engagement and have set your wedding date; it’s time to get things in motion by mailing out Save the Dates to everyone on your guest list.

Wedding Invitation Suite

Your wedding invitation suite consists of your actual wedding invitation along with an outer and inner envelope and a response card. It may also include a map of directions and/or an accommodations card. This is often times the only wedding stationery accounted for in your budget until you get deeper into your wedding planning process and realize there are still more stationery you’ll need to budget for.

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are a must in my opinion! They are great to have already placed on the seats at your ceremony or handed out by a dedicated usher or greeter at the entrance of your ceremony. It lets your guests know the order of the day’s festivities, creates the timeline for your day and are a great place to list the names of your wedding party as well as add some honorary mentions for love ones who have passed on. Your wedding programs are an essential part of your wedding stationery however it is most often overlooked until you get into the details of planning your ceremony itinerary.

Escort Cards / Seating Chart

Whether you plan on having a formal seated dinner reception or not it’s always a great idea to plan for assigned seating at your wedding. It will help to keep your reception load in more organized which ultimately keeps the day’s program running more smoothly and timely. A great way to help with this is having escort cards or a seating chart. Either option should be accounted for in your wedding stationery budget.

Menu Cards

It’s always nice to have menu cards within your place setting. It adds a more to formal touch and helps to elevate your tablescape decor. Not to mention, your guests may want to be reminded of what’s for dinner instead of having to politely inquire from the service staff.

Table Numbers

Table numbers are often overlooked as well. Depending on your venue, they may provide you with table numbers or you may need to budget for this on your own.

Welcome Signage & Other Miscellaneous Signs

It’s nice to arrive at a wedding and be greeted by beautiful welcome signage. It can be outdoor signage with directions of where to park, directions from the parking lot to where to go once you are inside the venue or a nice sign at the entrance of your reception space. In addition to your welcome signage, you may also need bar signage especially if you are planning on having signature cocktails during cocktail hour. Other signage to plan for are sanitization signage (masks and hand sanitizer for COVID safety). Gift Table, Memory Table and Guestbook/Sign-in Area signage are also good to account for as well.

Thank You Cards

After it’s all said and done you will need to thank your guests for attending as well as for their generous wedding gifts. Thank You Cards are a great way to show your appreciation.

Well there you have it! Your wedding stationery needs in a nutshell. How many did you forget or didn’t even realize you needed? It’s ok, that’s what I’m here for. To provide you with expert tips that will make the process of your wedding planning a lot smoother.

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