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Full Service Wedding Planning

Our Full-Service Wedding Planning offers the ultimate stress-free solution. We take care of every aspect, ensuring your vision for the perfect day becomes a seamless reality. From scouting your ideal venue to managing tasks like budgeting, timeline creation, vendor selection and correspondence, we handle it all with precision and care. On the day of your event, we oversee every detail, from logistics and coordination to vendor management and production of the intricate details, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment.

Our ideal bride is someone who has always dreamed of the magic of her wedding day. Whether this vision has been with her since she got engaged or since childhood, one thing remains certain—she knows that enlisting a wedding planner is essential to bringing her vision to life. We understand the demands of your busy lives and you shouldn't have to  juggle the additional demands of planning your wedding along with a bustling career, personal aspirations, and family commitments since time is your most precious commodity. As your dedicated partner, we provide expertise and support to navigate the planning process, ensuring that you can savor every moment with your loved ones.


Let us help you turn your dreams into those cherished memories you so desire.

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Our planning service is tailored to meet the unique preferences of our discerning wedding clients. Representing the epitome of luxury, we offer a hands-on approach that establishes us as your trusted partner. Our goal is to ensure that every detail is executed with unparalleled precision, expertly addressing all your planning needs while bringing your vision to life. We pride ourselves on exclusivity, focusing our attention on a select number of weddings each year—typically four to six. This allows us to dedicate our resources entirely to crafting exceptional wedding experiences for our exclusive clientele. With our personalized approach and unwavering commitment, we ensure that your special day surpasses all expectations.


What To Expect

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we delve into your vision for your perfect wedding day. This initial meeting isn't just about gathering information—it's our opportunity to understand your style, preferences, and unique tastes. Additionally, we'll discuss budget considerations, recognizing that effective financial management is fundamental to a successful event. Throughout the planning process, we'll guide you in allocating funds realistically to ensure your vision comes to life without compromise.

Our Approach

At Nadia Lewis Celebrations, we're here to guide you through the process of defining your wedding day vision. Once we've established your expectations, our design process springs into action. While your precise budget will vary based on factors such as venue, location, production, floral design, entertainment, food, and beverage, rest assured that we manage your budget judiciously. Our goal is to ensure that you never have to compromise on the elements that matter most to you. By carefully allocating your budget, we prioritize creating an unforgettable experience that reflects your unique style and preferences, elevating every aspect of your celebration.

The Investment

Beyond planning and creative design, our service places a strong emphasis on financial transparency and efficiency. Our goal is to navigate you through potential challenges, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. As part of this commitment, we provide insight into the costs associated with realizing a wedding of our caliber, with our exclusive clients typically investing a minimum wedding budget of $75,000. However, the investment you choose to make in your wedding is entirely dependent on your unique preferences and priorities. Whether you're inclined towards the elegance of a live band over a DJ, opt for minimalist décor or lavish floral arrangements, or prefer a sumptuous three-course meal or a fine dining experience with curated wine pairings, your choices shape the essence of your day.

Our Planning Fee

To ensure that each wedding receives the attention and expertise it deserves, our full-service planning fee is calculated at 20% of your final overall wedding budget, starting at a baseline minimum of $15,000. This fee structure is directly tied to the scope and complexity of your wedding. At our core, we operate with transparency and prioritize the mutual trust between us and our clients. We embrace discussions about finances, recognizing their critical role in the planning process. Our foremost concern is the comfort and confidence of our clients, which is why we ensure there are no surprises or unforeseen expenses. Every decision regarding spending is made in consultation with you, ensuring that your wedding budget is managed with care and responsibility. With each wedding we undertake, our goal is to craft a celebration that is uniquely tailored to your preferences and personal style. Your vision is our inspiration, guiding every aspect of the planning process to create an unforgettable experience that reflects your individuality and love story.

Next Steps

Following our consultation, if we mutually agree that our partnership is the perfect fit, we'll craft a custom proposal detailing the scope of work for your wedding. From there, it's a collaborative journey. Together, we'll refine your vision, assemble a dream team of vendors, and plan every detail. With our expertise and support, your wedding journey will be both stress-free and memorable, as we work tirelessly to bring your dreams to fruition.


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"Planning our wedding with Nadia was an amazing experience! Nadia and her team are true professionals. What my husband loved most is that Nadia ensured our money was spent in the right places! At all times, she respected and prioritized our budget but still managed to implement our vision. Thanks to Nadia's help, we stayed on budget and could cash flow the whole event without any debt incurred! Her services are worth every penny because the peace of mind you get from having Nadia on your team is truly priceless. Both of our families keep complimenting us on how well the wedding turned out and we owe it all to her. Thanks a million!"
- Sade H. 
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