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Full Service Wedding Planning

Our Full-Service Wedding Planning is the ultimate stress-free solution.

We handle every detail, from helping you scout the perfect venue to managing pre-event and day-of logistics such as event coordination, production, timeline and budget management.

Our ideal bride has always envisioned the magic of her wedding day, understanding that a wedding planner is the key to turning those dreams into reality. Whether this vision has been with her only since the moment she got engaged or since childhood, the certainty has always been there—she will enlist a wedding planner to orchestrate her big day. Amidst the demands of a bustling career, personal aspirations, and family commitments, time becomes a precious commodity. Trust me, we get it. You seek a planner not only for expertise but as a dedicated partner to navigate the intricate details of planning, allowing you to enjoy the process and revel in the memories with your family and friends. So let us help you accomplish those goals.

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For our discerning wedding clients, we present two tiers of planning services designed to cater to your distinct preferences. Our Elite Tier represents the pinnacle of luxury, offering a white-glove, hands on, approach that ensures every detail is executed with unparalleled precision. Meanwhile, our Premier Tier, still provides a suite of services to expertly address all your planning needs but instead of us fully taking the reins, we work hand and hand providing you with expert guidance ensuring you meet every deadline. Whichever tier you choose, our commitment remains the same—delivering an exceptional planning experience tailored to your vision and desires.


If any of this sounds like you, we can definitely help you solve these needs and so much more.

Time Constraints...

Balancing career, personal goals, and family obligations leaves little time for the extensive planning required for any event, let alone a spectacular one that goes off without a hitch. Our role is to take charge of the planning responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your career priorities and family obligations while ensuring every detail is expertly handled. Giving you back your valued time and peace of mind while we chip away at the to-do list by managing your time and keeping you on track to meet every deadline.

Scattered Ideas...

While you may have a general idea, your concepts may be dispersed, awaiting our expertise to refine and unite them seamlessly. Vision Refinement is our specialty! We hone in on scattered ideas, transforming them into a unified, cohesive event concept that aligns with your vision.

Overwhelmed by Details...

The myriad of details involved in planning can be very overwhelming. Understanding the need to hire someone to streamline and navigate this intricate process is key to your success. From concept to execution, we manage the details, providing a streamlined and stress-free planning process. Remember, this isn't our first rodeo. Every challenge or obstacle you are experiencing, we have seen it and have proven methods to deal with them during the planning process as well as on event day. 


Desire for a Unique Experience...

You yearn for an event that goes beyond the expected. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. Drawing on years of expertise, we suggest and enhance ideas, crafting a unique and unforgettable experience that reflects your individuality. 

We have the solutions, so let us step in to alleviate these pain points! 


What To Expect

Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where we learn about your event, your vision, and the details you've arranged. It's also the time for us to get to know you and gain insights on your style. Since numerous facets of wedding and event planning demand professional expertise to guarantee you stay on the right path, we understand that effective budget management is the cornerstone of a successful event. 


If you choose to move forward with us, we'll not only review your ideas but also prepare your master planning schedule, assess your vendor requirements and manage them throughout the entire process to ensure that you meet your budget goals. Our service not only encompasses the artistic vision and coordination but also places a strong emphasis on financial transparency and efficiency. Our objective is to spare you from potential pitfalls that could lead to a stressful and less enjoyable process.

From the moment you choose us as your event planning partner, we embark on a collaborative journey. We'll work together to define your vision, curate the perfect team of vendors, and plan every detail. You'll benefit from our expertise, since we are here to make your journey enjoyable, stress-free, and memorable.

Here are just a few commonly overlooked details that we handle during those crucial moments of uncertainty.

Budget Management

From the initial consultation to the final celebration, we work closely with you to establish a budget that aligns with your vision and priorities. We leverage our industry insights and extensive network to maximize every dollar, ensuring you receive unparalleled value without compromising on quality. Throughout the planning process, we provide detailed budget breakdowns, keeping you informed and in control. Our goal is to transform your dreams into reality while adhering to your desired financial parameters. For us, your budget isn't just a number; it's a carefully crafted roadmap that guides the journey to your extraordinary celebration.

Timeline Refinement

We'll collaborate with you to fine-tune your event timeline, ensuring that every element flows seamlessly. From the ceremony start to the final dance, we'll orchestrate the day's schedule and provide a detailed Run of Show to your vendors, well ahead of time, in efforts to ensure that no detail is left up to chance.

Vendor Coordination

We take the reins on vendor communication, reviewing contracts, confirming arrival times, setup details, and any special requirements. Our goal is to ensure every vendor executes their role with precision. As a result, we collaborate with a dynamic roster of vendors, assembling your dream team of creative partners to flawlessly execute your special day. Our goal is to manage all the intricacies and coordinate your celebration, allowing you to be a guest at your own event. 


While you savor the moment, we handle any unforeseen issues, allowing you and your guests to enjoy a stress-free experience. Rest assure that every possible disaster that has been keeping you up at night, we've already seen, heard stories about, predicted and have planned for it. You can confidently trust in us to resolve it without even a notion that it occurred. Our goal is to eliminate any obstacles that can negatively impact your day. 

Final Details

We execute and oversee all the finishing touches, from ensuring the decor is perfect to managing the timing of speeches, toasts, and other special moments.

Emergency Kit

Our seasoned team comes prepared with an emergency kit, ready to tackle any last-minute challenges. We remain onsite to make sure nothing disrupts your celebration. 


Sounds like we are the planning team you need in your corner!

Let's start with an initial consultation. This is our opportunity to get to know you, understand your needs, and uncover the style and vision for your event. If we're the perfect fit, we'll provide a customized Scope of Work outlining how we can meet requirements and exceed your expectations.

But first, we invite you to explore our gallery and discover our other services that you are welcome to combine.

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