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Be My Galentine: The Ultimate Ladies Night Celebration

So you’ve heard the term “Galentine” tossed about in more recent years. Many of you might know what it is while some of you may have heard of it but aren't quite sure what it is and when it is celebrated. 

Galentine’s Day is observed on February 13th. The day before Valentine’s Day. It is a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their “gal” pals. Essentially, it’s Valentine’s Day for you and your gals. Hence the name, “Galentine’s Day”. It’s the perfect time to host a the ultimate ladies night that is based around women empowerment, friendship and love. 

If you are thinking about hosting the perfect Galentine’s dinner party, you are in luck! Let me help you elevate your tablescape with a luxurious place setting that will have your gal pals not only raving about your party hosting skills but about your decor skills as well. I’ll teach you how to make beautiful floral heart arrangements made out of spray roses. You can add one to each place setting to instantly create an elegant, sophisticated and dreamy tablescape. Talk about elevating your celebration and they are super easy to make. Let’s get started!

But first things first, a great host always welcome their guests with a cocktail. A themed or signature cocktail will take your event experience up a notch. You always want to think of your event as concert. Your invitation is the prelude or the promo phase, your arrival cocktail is the opener while your decor and entertainment are the headliners!

Since we are creating the perfect ladies night, serve a pretty and yet yummy welcome cocktail like this Rose Petal Martini. Have them ready to go on a bar cart or stationed on a elegant platter for your guests to grab as soon as they arrive. 

Rose Petal Martini Recipe

Continue the experience towards your actual bar area where your guest will most likely huddle around upon arrival as they gather and greet each other before dinner.

You'll want to stock your bar with extra glasses and enough drinks to last the evening but in addition to the essentials, you'll want to make sure it's pretty. I’m all for florals at the bar. I firmly believe that pretty cocktails should be accented with pretty florals. 

Another must have for pretty cocktails are even prettier garnishes. Take this signature dinner cocktail for instance, the La Fleurette, which will perfectly compliment the design for this tablescape. I garnished with a light pink spray rose, lemon slice and blueberries. 

La Fleurette Recipe

Now let’s get into this luxurious tablescape. I always like to encourage my clients and followers to create pockets of themed moments at your event. You want to intentionally curate a memorable experience so that your guests will want to post, share in their stories and go live about your event on their various social media platforms. That is by far the highest compliment these days and will solidify your fabulous hosting skills. The more creative elements and photo worthy moments you have, the better! They can be small details that do not require you to break the bank as long as they are creative and make a huge impact. 

The image link below will show you how I created these beautiful heart shaped floral arrangements with pink spray roses that you can pick up at Wholesale Foods, Trader Joe’s or at your floral department in your local grocery store. I chose pink spray roses for this design but you can use red or any other color that matches the color palette for your Galentine’s party. 

Click the below image to watch the video tutorial:

Disclaimer: For the sole purpose of this video tutorial I did not wet/hydrate my floral foam as the arrangement created was intended for immediate usage. Please ensure that you soak your floral foam in order to keep your flowers fresh and hydrated if you intend to create these floral arrangements ahead of the actual date you intend to use them.

Place your finished heart shaped floral arrangement at each place setting so that each guest will have their own to take home. You can top them with little gift boxes that are customized with the initials of each guest which can doubled as place card to let your guests know their assigned seats. Great gift ideas that will fit inside of these tiny boxes are earrings, charms for bracelets or even cute pendants for necklaces. 

Now that you have this elegant and luxurious floral arrangements at each place setting, you’ll want the entire tablescape to match the overall formality by opting for a formal place setting. Forks will go on the left with your salad fork on the outer left followed by the dinner fork closest to your plate. On the right, your knife will face inward closest to your plate, followed by your soup spoon and then your dessert spoon on the outer right hand side. 

Be sure to layer your tablescape for a more decadent feel with salad and dessert plates, napkins, serving utensils, butter knives and even themed bowls like heart shaped ones. 

I’m certain your gal pals will feel all the love at this beautiful Galentine’s celebration. You don’t need to break the bank to create a beautiful at home design. You just have to be a little creative. 

I hope you found this to be a great read and that it can serve as a helpful guide and inspire you to celebrate like a pro right in your own home. 

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I appreciate you for reading.  

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