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Everything You Need to Host The Best Super Bowl Party!

Super Bowl LVII is upon us. If you are planning on watching the big game while hosting an at home celebration, then the time is now to stock up on all you’ll need to wow your guests. 

Tailgate Worthy Food Favorites

Everyone knows the key to a successful Super Bowl party is the food! Whether you are having the food catered or you are making it yourself you’ll want to make sure that you are serving up easy to eat options that don’t necessarily require your guests to be seated at a dining table. You’ll want to have appetizer style favorites that are easy to grab and go as your guests will be centralized around the TV screen focused on the big game. Here are some of the most popular tailgate favorites.

Chicken Wings

They are bite sized but are very filling so your crowd won’t go hungry with this on the menu. You can also please your guests with a variety of flavors by serving up a wing bar station with an assortment of buffalo, BBQ, fried, crispy baked, honey, sweet chili etc. 


Bring on the beef with some hot and cheesy chili! It can be served as an individual serving and eaten as is or it can be used as a warm dip for Tostitos or Nachos and even as a topping for hot dogs.

Chips & Dips

This is by far one of the easiest as well as cost effective item on your party menu. You’ll want to grab the party or family sized bags to insure that there’s enough to pass around. Similarly to the wing bar you can have some fun with how you choose to display your chips by placing them in fun/themed individual caddies or in large bowls displayed as a chips and dip station. With so much of a variety of chips to choose from you’ll have something for everyone. By adding some savory dips, this item becomes an even more filling option for your guests. Go for popular picks like guacamole, cheese, French onion, chili and of course salsa. 

Hot Dogs

The hot dog is arguably an American classic. It’s one of America’s favorite foods and should be a staple at America’s biggest night in sports. You can keep it simple with a few toppings or you can go crazy and have your guests choose from a wide range of toppings like bacon bits, relish, cheese, chili etc. 

Philly Cheese Steaks

Since the Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl, it’s only right to have Philly Cheese Steaks on the menu. It’s another American classic that is savory and satisfying and will have your guests wanting more. From sizzling onions and bell peppers, topped with cheesy goodness! Is it game time already because I’m ready to dive into this menu! Are you?

Themed Party Supplies

Have some fun with your party supplies. Make your party one of a kind with creative ideas that emphasize the little details that will have your guests raving about your hosting skills. Here’s a few of my idea that are surely Pinterest and Instagram worthy.

Themed Napkins

Think about referee stripes, or challenge and penalty flag inspired napkins. Aren't these so fun?

Colorful Utensils

Keep the momentum going with themed utensils. Red Forks if you’re up for the “challenge” and yellow spoons if dipping into some creamy desserts might cause a diet “penalty”.

Themed Plates

Football shaped plates are a must! Throw in some football helmet plates and you're ready to punt! 

Trays, Platters and Other Fun Choices 

Ditch your standard serving tray and serve up your food on themed platters like a coach’s clip board in lieu of a tray. Adorn it with a whistle and you are sure to catch your crowds attention! Or grab some themed football platters like these fun referee trays. Or use referee striped caddies that you can fill with chips or popcorn along with referee striped paper straws for your beverage station.

Touchdown Worthy Decor

Fresh Flowers

If your adding flowers to the mix. Don’t just place them in a vase. Make it fit into the theme as well. I designed this super easy to make “goal post floral arrangement”.

Click the image below to watch the tutorial on how to create it:

You can wedge your football shaped plates right in the middle of your goal post floral arrangement so that when your guests go to retrieve a plate it appears as though they’ve scored a touchdown!

Or you can make a few of these and use them on your tablescape as super fun placemats. Both your adult guests as well as any kids in attendance will love them!

Table Mats & Runners

Make your tablescape an experience if you plan on decorating one. You can easily elevate your tablescape by using faux grass mats and runners or black & white striped “referee” style runners to spruce up your table decor. You can even line up a few of the goal post floral arrangements along the grass runner to create a themed floral centerpiece.

Drinks That Are Sure To Score

Stack your refrigerator or cooler with these stadium concession stand staples. 


A football classic as it’s a Super Bowl tradition to dump a cooler filled with Gatorade over the winning coaches head. 


Soda is a must at any sporting event. It’s refreshing and appropriate for a boarder age group. You can use canned sodas or bottle ones. I found the bottled ones to be more fun as I removed the labels on these coke bottles and dressed them up with white tape to appear as cute little footballs. 

Beer & Pretzels

You can't host a Super Bowl party without beer! Can you? Whether you are having BudLight, Coors, Budweiser or Corona just be sure to keep you beer of choice stocked. Pair your beer with pretzels or assorted nuts to make it a more sophisticated experience. 


Simple enough but often forgotten or remembered at the last minute. Be sure to stock up on bottled water. Leave some at room temperature and refrigerate the rest so that you are accommodating the individual preferences of your guests. You are a better host when you anticipate and prioritize the needs of your guests.

Now that you are equipped with menu must haves, creative party supplies, decor tips and all the needed locker room refreshments, go out and host the best Super Bowl Party ever!

I hope you found this to be a great read and that it can serve as a helpful guide and can inspire you to celebrate like a pro right in your own home. 

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I appreciate you for reading.

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