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2023 Wedding Trends

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Grand Ceiling Floral Installations

Creating a memorable celebration starts with a design concept that boasts both an unexpected as well as a one of a kind experience. While tall estate floral arrangements have served over the years as an ideal way to create beautiful guests experiences through extravagant tablescapes, ceiling floral installations are now trending as an extraordinary way to create a new wow factor. This trend will literally take your venue to new heights. Elevating the overall experience of your event.

Stunning Bridal Veils

For a long time the bridal gown train has stolen the show when it came to making a spectacular ceremony entrance. In 2023 the bridal veil is no longer taking a back seat to the train. It’s making a dramatic statement and competing with the train in terms of length, style and elegance. 

Classic Champagne Towers

Champagne towers have been with us for decades. Through the years they have stayed classic and iconic as they appeared at celebrations all over the world. They bring about a sense of old Hollywood glamour and boasts a level of sophistication. This timeless trend has once again reinvented itself as couples are incorporating it into their special day as martini towers and even using their favorite spritzes in lieu of traditional champagnes. 

Vintage Table Aesthetics & Embroidered Details

Your grandma called and she wants her vintage style back! Yes, that’s right. All of your grandma’s favorite things are making a comeback in this trend. From elegant china place settings and custom embroidered details to tasseled embellishments and crochet details. All that was old is considered new once again with this trend. 

A Splash of Black

Last year the color black made a major comeback as a predominant wedding color and it’s evident that it’s not going anywhere in 2023. Black has always been considered classic, sophisticated and timeless. It’s perfect for creating a modern and minimalist wedding design concept that is clean and stylish. 

Will you be incorporating any of these trends on your special day? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to your feedback.

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