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Something Old…Something Blue, How Can You Incorporate It Into Your I Do!

One of the the most popular wedding traditions you’ve probably heard about is the iconic phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” But what does that actually mean? Who started this tradition? And what are some creative and modern ways for you to incorporate it on your big day?

Traditionally, the notion of wearing or incorporating the items from this phase served as a means for good luck. However, adhering to  the list of items doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage but instead this practice of incorporating these items have shown to be a heartfelt way of incorporating cherished objects, people and memories into your big day.

Where It Originated…

So where did this phrase come from and how did it all start? Research shows that the tradition derived from an English rhyme. It dates back to 19th-century Lancashire. The original rhyme describes the items a bride should have on her wedding day: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."

What It Means…

Wearing or incorporating “something old” represents your history and helps to tell the story of your past. While incorporating “something new” helps to foster optimism and hope for a successful marriage and future together as husband and wife. Your “something borrowed" should come from a happily married family member or friend. This object was believed to bring good luck and fertility. While the color blue was incorporated to stir away the evil eye. The color blue also stands for love, purity, and fidelity. As for the sixpence in your shoe, it was intended to bring about prosperity for the bride and groom.

Who Gives The Items…

These items are traditionally gathered and given to the bride by female family members and friends. 

Want to Incorporate these items Into Your Modern Day Wedding?

Let’s get a little creative! Here’s a few ideas you can use to incorporate this tradition for modern day brides.

Something Old

Your “something old” can be vintage or antique chinaware used within your reception tablescape. It can also be a vintage car used for your grand exit. Another sentimental touch can be an old item that serves as a tribute to loved ones who’ve passed such as attaching photo charms onto your bouquet. That’s a great way to honor the people who are with you in spirit.

Something New

Your “something new” can be a gift presented to you on your wedding day from your soon-to-be spouse or from a dear friend or family member. Or it can be as simple as the fresh new blooms in your floral arrangements that represents the blossoming of a new love story. 

Something Borrowed

Your “something borrowed” can be items passed down to you by a loved one. An easy option may be borrowing an accessory from your mother, grandmother or even from your soon to be mother-in-law. This item can be a family heirloom such as earrings, a ring or a necklace. You can even borrow a wedding veil or tiara from an important woman in your life who’s already happily married. From a design standpoint, if you are planning on a micro or intimate wedding celebration and you happen to have a good amount of beautiful stemware, flatware or chinaware that you can borrow from someone special in your life, by all means, incorporate them into your tablescape decor. This is such a personal and sentimental touch that will give that fancy china that is just sitting in grandma’s cabinet some good use! It will make your special day that much more meaningful.

Something Blue

Now here’s where you can have a lot of fun! Your “something blue” can be incorporated in many ways. As a modern bride, you can add a pop of blue within your wedding day accessories like your shoes, purse and even in your floral and tablescape design. Think stylish blue vases and pops of blue hues in your napkins and charger plates that can be toned down with lush white florals. So chic and elegant! 

Now that you have some fresh ideas on how you can incorporate “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” will you be adding them to your modern day wedding celebration? I hope you found this information to be a great read and that it can serve as a helpful guide to assist you in your wedding process. 

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