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Top Bridal Dress Trends To Say Yes To In 2023

New Year, new trends! Fresh off of the runway from New York Fashion week, we are seeing the bridal gown trends that will be making their way down the aisle in 2023. Here are a few of my favorites that you might want to try on when you go wedding dress shopping.

Mock Necks

This trend is all about the neckline. It’s classy and sophisticated and very royally inspired. It’s already made itself a fan favorite as we’ve seen it worn by fashionistas like Paris Hilton on her wedding day. 

Oversized Floral Patterns

If it’s one thing that’s always adorn a wedding dress, it’s laced floral patterns. This trend is taking the floral pattern up a notch and proving that bigger is so much better. These large floral patterns are beautiful on either your gown or veil. 

Shades of Blue

This brings a whole new meaning to the term something blue. Instead of a small blue token to wear on your wedding day, why not have the entire gown in a blue hue? Not what you’d traditionally see going down the aisle but in the past few years color has made some appearances in lieu of your typical white wedding gown. This trend is not a bold or electric blue but a softer and more subtle blue. A perfect color for a pastel spring wedding or even an icy winter wedding.  

Sheer/Illusion Fabrics

This trend is not leaving anything to the imagination with bridal gown fabrics that are so sheer that the fabric seems almost barely there. If you are not shy about showing off your figure, this trending style will definitely emphasize your sexy silhouette. 

Now that you are aware of the styles that are trending for 2023, here are some of my favorite bridal salons in CT and NYC where you can hit the ground running in your search for any of these bridal gown trends. 

A’Dor Couture

Kleinfeld Bridal

A Little Something White Bridal

Pantora Bridal 

Bethann Boutique 

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