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Wedding Dress Fabrics: Guide to Finding Your Ideal Style

Once you’ve narrowed down the wedding dress style that’s best for your body type you’ll want to think about the type of material or fabric you prefer. You might simply like the look or feel of that particular fabric or you might prefer the comfortability of the material itself.

When choosing your wedding dress, you’ll want to ensure that the fabric is conducive to the environment that your wedding is being held? You’ll also want to determine if it has the flexibility to allow for you to move around and comfortably dance in? These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to think about the fabric choice for your wedding dress in addition to the style.

You might still be wondering, why is learning about the fabric so important? Well, the materials used to design your wedding dress can determine the overall quality of your dress. It can also determine how you feel on your wedding day. For example, some fabrics are heavy and can keep you warm on a cold day while some are light and airy and are ideal for summer months and can keep you cool during an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Below are five of the most popular fabrics used for wedding dresses. Let’s get familiar with them and learn about the pros and cons of each.


This particular fabric is one of the most traditional materials used for wedding gowns. It’s clean and sleek texture allows for the wedding dress to appear chic and sophisticated. Although this fabric is slightly heavier than silk and chiffon materials, it still allows for flawless flows and movement.

Pros: Comfortable material 

Cons: More costly material 


This fabric is known to be very soft, light weight and somewhat transparent. It’s made up of silk, cotton and synthetic fibers. It flows and moves with your body and is the ideal wedding dress fabric for summer weddings. It’s super soft on the body and it is a breathable material that can combat the summer heat. Keeping you nice and cool for a beachside ceremony or a garden wedding. 

Pros: Easy to maneuver in and very lightweight 

Cons: Wrinkles easily


This type of fabric is normally used to embellish wedding dresses. You can find lace material on the necklines, bodices and skirts of most bridal gowns. The addition of these applications can dramatically change the elegance of your wedding dress. Making it more romantic and traditional overall. Most wedding dresses that are completely embellished with lace are very exquisite and classic. 

Pros: Lots of patterns and textured options to choose from

Cons: Very delicate and easy to get tangled in when wearing jewelry 


This material is very sheer and translucent. Although it’s lightweight and resembles chiffon and tulle fabrics it is actually a lot stiffer and thicker in texture. It appears shiny to the eye because the surface of the fabric is covered in a shimmery luster. This fabric is known to add volume to a wedding dress when layered. Even though it’s slightly heavier than silk, chiffon and tulle materials, it is still very light and airy. It’s perfect for adding whimsical shapes and floral motifs along the wedding gown. 

Pros: Lightweight and it’s an easy material to maneuver in and it does not require any special handling

Cons: Very easily wrinkled


This material is very delicate. It was originated in China and is still to this day the primary source of this particular fabric. It boasts a subtle shine and has a unique feel. In comparison to other wedding dress fabrics, silk is actually very comfortable to wear in any temperature. It feels warm when wearing it in colder weather and it also feels cool when worn in warmer weather. Making it the perfect material for any month of the year as well as indoor or outdoor ceremonies.

Pros: Very soft, extremely comfortable and it’s high quality 

Cons: More costly, wrinkles very easily and it’s extremely sensitive to light

I hope you found this information to be a great read and that it can serve as a helpful guide to assist you in your wedding dress search. 

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