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Winter Events: Top 3 Creative Ideas to Keep Your Guests Warm

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

There are so many ways to make a Winter event warm and cozy and now that gatherings are smaller in size, finding creative ways to make your intimate event stand out is a must!

Join me as I count down my top 3 creative ideas for bars/stations at your next winter event.

3. A Hot Chocolate Bar

You want to create your bar in a small area of the room, off to the side or in a quaint little corner but if it’s designed in a creative way, then it is bond to make a huge impact.

Start with the basics. How will you display the Hot Chocolate itself? In my design I used a simple silver flask to keep the hot chocolate at a perfect temperature. Then I continued my design with the items I'd need to perfectly compliment this cozy drink. I added jars with jumbo marshmallows and cinnamon. I also displayed additional toppings like caramel, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. To bring it all together I added warm chocolate chip cookies on a rustic tree trunk platter.

Your Hot Chocolate Bar should be convenient enough for your guest to quickly grab a mug, add their favorite topping and get right back to safely mingling and socializing.

My overall décor was simple enough but it did not lack when creating a wow factor! I used a light gray backdrop draping to canvas the area for my bar. I covered a small table with a white sequin table cloth to mimic the appearance of snow. I flanked my table with a faux evergreen pine tree and draped it with white lights for ambiance. I then added wooden crates to display and give height to the contents on my table. Then finally I added red lanterns to help to create a rustic winter display.

Remember, you want your bar to add to the experience of your event so creating an atmosphere the matches your winter theme is important. My goal was to make the guests feel as though they were at a rustic winter cabin amongst family and friends. That feeling alone adds even more warmth to your winter event!

2. Hot Mulled Apple Cider Station

A warm shot of Mulled Apple Cider is certainly a winter season opener. Traditionally you'll start to see this drink surface around fall and it hangs around throughout the winter months. It is a crowd pleaser!

While some winter events are glamorous and whimsical my favorites are by far the rustic ones. So let's get into the warm and cozy details of this Hot Mulled Apple Cider Station design.

I placed this station right next to a fireplace. It was an intentional way to immediately add warmth. I covered a small round table with a light gray table cloth and accented it with a deep gray velvet blanket to create a cozy scenery.

To keep the cider warm I placed it in an electric warmer that kept it a the right temperature throughout the entirety of the event. I used mini tin buckets as shot glasses to creatively display the cider. I added toppings such as orange slices, whipped cream, caramel and cinnamon to serve as the crowning glory for this warm winter beverage. Add some apples or even some sugary apple cider donuts to your station and I guarantee your next winter event will be a huge hit!

Once again, this station was as convenient as it was creatively displayed. It was not only tasty but it was certified to leave a memorable impact on the guests in attendance. Think of it as sip a warm nostalgia! Are you getting warm and cozy memories as you continue reading?

1. Savory Soup Station

Drumroll please! My number one winter event bar/station is a Savory Soup Bar! When you think of soup, you instantly get warm and cozy, don't you?

The concept behind my station was to create an atmosphere that will make you feel as though you were in your grandma's kitchen. Our overall theme here has been to design with limited space in mind, but be sure to leave enough space for at least three soup assortments so your guests can easily opt for a creamy option, a hearty option and a comfort option. A good host always aim to please the masses!

Once you've decided on your 3 main soups your next step is to pair them with some classic toppings. I used favorites like bacon bits, crackers, noodles and croutons but you can also added cheese, assorted breads and herbs.

With convenience in mind, I designed my station for guests to grab and go by opting for soup served in tea cups as opposed to bowls. I placed my tea cups in vintage luggage for added dramatic flair and to convey a homey feeling. Also by adding some raw ingredients in my display, it helped to convey the warm and cozy feeling of being away at grandma's house.

I hope that I've inspired you with these 3 creative ideas to add some warmth to your next winter event. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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