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Happy Easter: An Elegant Country-Style Design

Spring is finally here! Birds are chirping and the weather is beginning to be desirable again. So how do you plan on taking advantage of all that Spring has to offer?

Do you plan on hosting an Easter party for your little ones? If so there are many design styles you can use. For instance, you can go the pastel route or the country style.

In this design I chose to go country! I’ll show you how to create a rustic yet elegant farm-like Easter table that is perfect for Easter egg decorating with your family.

In order to emphasize the country feel I was going for, I used a gingham patterned tablecloth but instead of the traditional farm red I went with a soft blue gingham pattern. This blue paired perfectly with blue hues within the Peter Rabbit dessert plates and also helped the eco dinner plates to pop!

To set the tone and make the place setting even more exciting I went with a fun napkin fold. I used orange polyester napkins and folded them into a shape of a carrot. Then I placed green utensils inside at the top of the napkins so they looked like carrot tops. Your kids will have so much fun to unfolding them.

To keep the country vibe going I opted for vintage glass milk bottles as opposed to cups. It kept the farm-like look and gave that rustic feel.

For the centerpieces I created floral arrangements that boast both flowers and garden veggies to stay in line with my rustic country esthetic. I used ivory and yellow roses along with broccoli bunches and carrots. They were perfectly rustic and elegant!

I wanted a place where the kids could grab their their eggs and goodies so I created a cute little area using rustic wooden crates. I stacked the alternating sized crates to form a cubby station. In the cubbies were fresh strawberries, carrot cake cookies with cream cheese filling, boiled eggs ready to be painted and at the top was a homemade carrot cake to share.

I hope you enjoyed my design and hopefully I’ve inspired you to try a rustic yet elegant approach to your Easter decorating this year!

Have a wonderful Easter!

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