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Let’s Have A Fiesta!

Celebrations are the perfect place to create memories and there’s nothing more exciting than creating something magical that a child can remember and cherish for years to come.

When I designed this Cinco de Mayo inspired fiesta I wanted it to be luxurious, elegant and rich in color. It was a must for my tablescape design to feature layers of colors, textures and patterns.

I went with a marigold color tablecloth that paired perfectly with the festive multicolor table runner. The base of my place setting started with woven straw placemats which I folded into fans. I used colorful felt placemats before placing the wooden plates to serve as a pop of color between the straw and the wooden textures. I completed the look with cute little maraca dessert plates along with little cactus shaped napkins to tie the theme together.

My floral design needed to be bright and festive so I used lots of yellows, bright reds, deep maroons, greens and purples. I brought in some metallic gold to the design with the vases, votive candles and utensils. I added some more wooden textures with the food platters and decorated them with greenery and citrus fruits.

I went with a lime green balloon garland as my backdrop and topped it with a mylar sombrero balloon and a mylar cactus balloon. It was simple yet it made a huge impact towards the overall design.

On the menu were hard and soft shell tacos, Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole dips and sugary churros. All the spicy and sweet you needed to have the ultimate Fiesta!

I hope I’ve inspired you through my design to go out and create a celebration of your own for Cinco de Mayo!

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