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Tailgating for Tiny Tots

Super Bowl LV is upon us! Whether you are hedging your bets on the Bucs or the Chiefs, we all know there is nothing like a good Super Bowl Party; with yummy tailgate favorites of course!

Here’s a kid friendly design to get you inspired when tailgating with your tiny tots.

I used these cool referee platters from Oriental Trading as my charger plates. They were oversize, which was perfect for catching spills and messes that are inevitable when partying with little ones. I added these realistic looking football shaped plates to appear as though a referee was holding a football out on the field. Hence the grass runner along the table to appear as the field up against a simple yellow goal post. Talk about partying in the end zone! TOUCHDOWN!

Do recognize the red challenge flags as napkins? Any true football fan wouldn’t miss that detail. I went with wooden eco utensils to keep the design clean, simple and a little masculine.

Now lets into the food! Gatorade for your adrenaline, of course. Buttery popcorn, chili and a locker filled with veggie dips all just waiting to be washed down with a cold can of Pepsi; the official sponsor of the Super Bowl.

I hope I inspired you to go out a host a fun at home Super Bowl party with your little ones!

Like, share and let me know your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from my readers.

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